Rencontre avec William Boyle autour du livre « Tout est brisé »

Grâce à #LéaTouchBook et aux #EditionsGallmeister, j’ai eu le plaisir de recevoir courant juillet le dernier roman de William Boyle, « Tout est brisé ». Lu en avant première et chroniqué ici…, j’ai aussi eu le plaisir d’échanger avec l’auteur sur le groupe Picabo River Book club. Si vous souhaitez, vous aussi, lui poser des questions, il sera sur le groupe pendant tout le mois de septembre.

L’image contient peut-être : texteL’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, sourit, assis, lunettes et intérieur

Voici l’échange que j’ai eu avec lui entre le 07 septembre (date de sortie du livre) et le 9 septembre :

Les ravissements de Valérie : Hello. Very happy to be able to talk to you. The reading of « everything is broken » has stirred me tremendously. I discover your writing with this novel and I am delighted! You will find in my chronicle but in French, sorry. Here is my question: the question of religion is, I think, very present in this story. Are these your own questions about the existence of God, the faith found in this book? (I do not master English very well, this is a google translation, I hope it works well). Thank you.…/tout…/

William Boyle Thank you so much, Valérie! I’m sorry I can’t write in French! (I can read a little–thank you for your thoughtful review.) What a great question. Religion is very present here. One of my favorite writers, Willy Vlautin, always says, « Write about what haunts you. » And growing up Catholic in Brooklyn certainly haunts me. But I don’t ever want it to come across as a one-dimensional disavowal of religion. I just want to portray the struggles of faith and the struggles of lacking faith. In that way, there’s more than a little of me and my own personal experiences with religion in all of these characters. I share their questions and concerns, their doubt, their abilities to be shaken by certain things.

Les ravissements de Valérie : Thank you for your reply. I have another question about Franck’s character. When this character arrived in the novel and in his way of playing the mediators between Jimmy and Erica, I thought of an American series that I saw adolescent « Highway to Heaven » in the years 80-90, you know? . What does this character represent to you? Is it an « angel benefactor » like the character of the T.V. series, even if he himself to the air in suffering? (this is a google translation, I hope the software translates well my thinking). Thank you.

William Boyle Thank you! I never watched it, but it was a favorite of both my mother and my grandmother. I didn’t think of Frank as an angel so much. More a holy goof. An optimist, despite his station in life, who stumbles into the lives of these two pessimists. I actually started out intending Frank to be a con man, but I couldn’t write him that way–I liked him too much.

Les ravissements de Valérie Your grandmother? What an old blow for me! Lol 🙂 Con man, no I did not feel like such … rather an optimist pawn, anti-conformist but generous.


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